FocalBoard - Docker Setup


Steps to follow

  1. Create folder using follow mkdir focalboard
  2. Use the command ls to verify the folder was created
  3. Move inside the folder nextcloud using the command cd focalboard
  4. Create a docker-compose.yaml file by running the following command sudo nano docker-compose.yaml

Docker Compose Command


version: "3.3"
      - 8000:8000
    restart: always
    image: mattermost/focalboard

Above is the code  required to deploy FocalBoard

  1. Copy and paste the code above into the docker-compose.yaml file.
  2.  There is no need to edit or change the code any further once it has been pasted in to the docker-compose.yaml file

  3. Once everything is copied and pasted in and edited press control+x (at the same time) on your keyboard to exit editing mode.

  4. Press Y then return on your keyboard to save everything

  5. Once you have the compose file setup, run 'sudo docker-compose up -d'

FocalBoard Setup and install

  1. In a browser visit server-local-ip-address:8000
  2. Click on the link "or create and account if you dont have one"

  3. Enter email - you can use a fake email here if you don't want to add a real one. works fine
  4. Enter a username and password

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