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Useful Linux and Docker commands to know - convert docker run commands to docker-compose.yaml script.

Useful to know

Docker volumes explained in 6 minutesĀ -

Useful Linux Commands

Remove file
rm <file name>

Remove a directory (folder)
rm -r <directory name>

Useful Docker Commands

Remove everything created in yaml file
Navigate to the directory where your yaml file is
Then run a sudo docker compose down
Next run 'sudo docker volume ls' - this will show any volumes
If there are some volumes showing run 'sudo docker-compose down -v'

Otherwise you can do a "docker container ls -a" This will list all your containers, find your navidome container/s and run "docker container rm " to remove it
If it has volumes you can remove those as well by running "docker volume ls" find the volume you want to remove and run "docker volume rm "